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Better email

Jill Henley and Brenda Miller
Jill Henley and Brenda Miller

Today at the WIM Professional Development session at HSC Brenda Miller shared some very good tips on how to write better emails.

Ask yourself:

Should I write, let alone send this email?
Is it public or private?
Would a phone call be better?
What is the purpose of this email>
Whom is it going to?
Does your recipient need to know what’s in this email?
Will the recipient care about it?
Will they even know why they got it?

Here are a few tips:

Don’t email “under the influence” (i.e., angry, sad, tired, high, etc.)
Don’t overuse emojiis, and not at all in a business email.
Be mindful of cc:ing and hitting Reply All too much.
Double and triple check the address in the To line.

Great workshop.

And, courtesy of “Scream Queens” and, here’s what not to do on email (be patient, the clip is worth it):

Some attendees and Brenda Miller:

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