Board Members

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President – Shu Li
Associate Director of Operations, USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center AYA Program,  Keck School of Medicine of USC

Co-Vice President – Lisa Mataczynski
Program Director, USC Bovard Scholars, USC Bovard College
213.740.0197 –

Co-Vice President – Alicia Cornish White
Student Services Advisor, USC School of Cinematic Arts
213.740.0334 –

Secretary – Diana Jaque
Senior Law Librarian, Head of Collection Development and Acquisitions, and Adjunct Assistant Professor of Law, Law Library, USC Gould School of Law
213.740.2632 –

Treasurer – Carolyn Takara
Financial Analyst, Broad CIRM Center, Keck School of Medicine of USC
323.442.8065 –

Webmaster – Toni Rodriguez
Program Assistant, Regulatory Science, USC School of Pharmacy
323.442.0237 –

Past President – Kristine Moe 
Associate Director for Undergraduate Programs, USC Gould School of Law
213.821.5694 –

Committee Chairs

Membership (HSC) – Gabriela Gutierrez
Senior Clinical Administrator, Senior Clinical Administrator, Division of Rheumatology, Keck School of Medicine of USC
323.442.1947 –

Membership (UPC) – Sabrina Pasztor
Director of Culture Transformation, USC Office of Ethics & Compliance

Membership (UPC) – Carla Stanard
Administrative Assistant, Biomedical Engineering, USC Viterbi School of Engineering
213.821.4027 –

Speaker Series (HSC) – Elizabeth O’Toole
Special Project Manager, Dean’s Office, Keck School of Medicine of USC
323.442.0450 –

Signature Events and Speaker Series (UPC) – Grace Reitzfeld
Executive Director of Finance and Administration, Business Office, USC University Advancement
213.740.8148 –

Signature Events and Speaker Series (UPC) – Khalilah Lauderdale
Associate Director, Fiscal and Program Integrity, Financial Aid Office, USC Enrollment Services Division
213.740.4644 –

Professional Development (HSC) – Michelle Najera
Institutional Coordinator, Keck School of Medicine of USC
323.409.6931 –

Professional Development (UPC) – Diane Yaris
Assistant Director of HR, Talent Management, Office of Finance and Administration, USC Marshall School of Business
213.740.2522 –

Public Relations – Newsletter, Website, Overall Content and Outreach: Kristen Todd
Membership Manager – University Club, USC Auxiliary Services
213.740.5208 –

Public Relations – Marketing Materials, WIM Graphic Identity Overall Platforms: Julie Chen
Marketing Specialist, USC Caruso Department of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery, Keck School of Medicine of USC

Public Relations – Social Media and Photography: Victoria Esquer
Admissions Counselor, USC School of Cinematic Arts

Member-at-Large (HSC) – Jennifer Severa
Senior Administrator Divisions Of Geriatric, Hospital, Palliative And General Internal Medicine & Nephrology USC Department Of Medicine Lac+USC Medical Center, Keck School of Medicine of USC
323.409.6571 –

Member-at-Large (HSC) – Amanda Vanni
Clinical Instructor of Family Medicine (Clinician Educator), Keck School of Medicine of USC

Member-at-Large (Marina Del Rey) – Losineh Panossian
Financial Analyst, Information Sciences Institute, USC Viterbi School of Engineering
310.448.8777 –

Member-at-Large (UPC) – Stacy Patterson
Program Manager, Division of Media Arts + Practice, USC School of Cinematic Arts
213.821.5737 –

Past Board Members (2017 – 2019)

President: Kristine Moe

Vice President : Lisa Mataczynski

Secretary : Victoria Esquer

Treasurer : Carolyn Takara

Historian : Toni Rodriguez

Membership (HSC) : Gabriela Gutierrez

Membership (UPC) : Renee Almassizadeh

Professional Development (HSC) : Janet Schmidt

Professional Development (UPC) : Victoria Deguzman

Speaker Series (HSC) : Jennifer Severa

Speaker Series (HSC) : Dana Coyle

Speaker Series (UPC) : Laura Ponder

Public Relations  : Shu Li

Public Relations  : Julie Chen

Webmaster: Aubrey Hicks

Member-at-Large : Ginger Mayerson

Member-at-Large : Alicia Cornish White

Member-at-Large : Queenie Taylor

Member-at-Large : Stacy Patterson