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A Call for Inspiration

Where do you focus your attention when you’re not in the office?

Do you have a hobby? Do you like to cook, bake, or otherwise create? Do you advocate for a cause or volunteer? Do you teach or coach? Participate in a sport or compete in some way?  Are you starting a program or completing one?

WIM wants to hear from you.

As part of the 40 Inspirations blog series, WIM is highlighting members of our extended community and focusing on their interests and passions outside of USC (and how those things positively impact you when you’re at work).

Whether or not you see what you do as inspirational, we do.

And, consider this – one goal of this ongoing  project is to further create and support our social and professional network, which in turn is a critical tool to reduce stress and promote wellness within WIM and beyond.

Let’s build each other up, one Inspiration at a time.

Stacy Patterson, WIM Board, Member-at-Large will assist you in crafting and or editing and formatting your submission. Contact her directly to get started.

Please share this post widely and encourage others to participate as well!


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