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40 Inspirations: Jennifer Severa

“I have always used physical activity, particularly running, to help balance out and combat the stresses in life. What moved me into another direction was after my second knee surgery, when I was on crutches for 3.5 months. Then, I had to learn to walk again because my leg atrophied, and during this recovery process, my five-and-a-half-year relationship ended. These two events pushed me into looking at alternative methods of healing myself, physically and mentally, including mediation in all of its forms. I then met a person, who ended up becoming one of my closest friends, and together, we started to explore Kundalini Yoga – and became avid followers of this practice.

Kundalini is a yogic science that uses sound, mantra, energy healing, exercise and meditations to release trauma, allowing the body to heal itself.  And, since I had stopped running, I started hiking, especially going on morning walks to watch the sun rise. Something about being in nature, can really refresh the soul. I like to document a lot of my journey via photography, which I have been practicing for years. Only recently I started giving away my “art” to people.

These practices and activities are just a few that help inform my days in the work environment and help me feel more balanced – and happy. Moreover, I’ve also learned through my physical struggles, an important tenet, and that is, it’s ok to ask for help. I have been fortunate to have many amazing mentors in my life and work to pay this support forward. It can be quite inspiring when you see people grow – and learn to fly on their own.

Ultimately, I believe kindness and understanding are the keys to a healthy work and personal life, and for me, the practices of meditation, kundalini yoga, convening with nature, art, and solid friendships – can help one combat what life can throw at you at any moment. To be a kinder human, I believe you must start with yourself. And, while I still have struggles – since we are human – as I try to evolve, and learn from my missteps, the challenges don’t seem as difficult.”

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Samples of Jennifer’s photography:

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