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40 Inspirations: Kristine Moe

“It all started with a ‘train friend,’ then WIM President, Elaine Padilla, a colleague I had by happenstance met while commuting to work. When I found myself in a place of feeling ‘stuck,’ my ongoing conversations with her opened possibilities: to WIM first and then to the USC Master Coaching Program. The more I heard, the more I was determined to be a part of it. With the eventual support of my department, I delved into the course, learning first about myself, so that I could better lead others through a process of inquiry, reflection and empowerment. I was hooked. (I still am!) Ultimately, I joined a few fellow converts-to-coaching, creating a mastermind group to encourage each other through the certification process and to take on future opportunities. Two years after the program, I obtained an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) credential through the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and began volunteering for the Associate Coaching Program through the USC Center for Work and Family Life.

I continue to coach inside and outside of USC because I see the benefits of these techniques in every aspect of life. I believe our mindsets influence our behaviors, which in turn, determine outcomes. How lovely it would be if we all operated with a growth mindset that impacted ourselves and those around us in positive ways. I believe this is possible. And, that is why I am excited to continue my work as a coach.

I have been mentored; I have mentored; I have been coached and led into leading and coaching through my experiences with USC WIM.  In WIM, I find a sisterhood of curiosity and ambition, of driving forward and resting, when that is needed as well. It has been my space to see possibilities and to get ‘unstuck.’ Thank you, my dear colleagues and friends of USC WIM. You are my greatest inspiration, and you have brought me the greatest satisfaction in working at USC.”

To learn more about her journey, visit Kristine’s LinkedIn page.

The Mastermind Group: Susan Metros, Elaine Padilla, Kristine, and Anna Quyen Nguyen

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