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February 15, 2018: HSC Book Club – The Leavers, by Lisa Ko

“Deming Guo’s first six years of life were spent with his immigrant mother in New York, then China with a grandfather he’s never met, and America again. After his mother disappears from her job at a nail salon, Deming is adopted by two professors and dropped into what feels like an alien, all-white suburb upstate. This pattern of early upheaval sets Deming – now Daniel Wilkinson – on a path marked by difference and isolation. As Deming’s story unfolds, his mother’s side of the story gradually comes to light, filling in holes and ripping others open, until finally, side by side, their disparate journeys form one complete portrait of the resilience of the spirit. This is a heartbreaking, poignant, beautiful book that will stay with you for a long time.”
— Caroline Froh, Boswell Book Company, Milwaukee, WI and
February 15, 2018, noon to 1pm
Norris Library Rare Book Room 2nd floor, HSC

Feb 15, 2018 selection HSC Book Club meeting at Norris Library.

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