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5 Ways To Get A Raise

“The other day, a client shared with me her financial situation at work, and asked some probing questions about money, salary, compensation and promotions that revealed a good deal about her personal money story and behavior.

“She shared this: ‘Kathy, I’m not earning nearly what I should be, despite asking for a raise repeatedly (and being told ‘Not now’). I just don’t know what else to do. And I can’t figure out why I chronically under-earn compared to my peers at the same level. What should I do differently?’

“We delved into her relationship with money overall, including the salaries she’s been earning, how and when she asks for a raise, ways in which she advocates and negotiates for herself, if she has sponsors and mentors, and other key factors impacting her level of success. …

“What are the core factors behind why we’re able to consistently grow our salaries and job earnings?”
“5 Ways To Get A Raise And Earn More Money, And Why So Many Don’t,” by Kathy Caprino, Women@Forbes, May 30, 2017

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