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Women at the Table: Placing Policy into Practice

“In our first installment of the Women in the Nonprofit Sector blog series, GuideStar’s VP of Strategy Mizmun Kusairi shared her SOS model for success in Women in Nonprofit Leadership. Last week, Peggy Outon, Executive Director of Bayer Center for Nonprofit Management, contributed her story in Women in Nonprofits: Then & Now. Today, we welcome Anisha Singh White as she joins us for the third and final post.

“Last month, I attended the Gender Inequity in the Charitable Sector session at Embark: the 2015 Independent Sector National Conference. In this panel, four nonprofit professionals discussed the strategic and tactical ways that we could better promote gender equality as a sector.

“In the weeks following this dialogue, I thought about the ways that this session is applicable to myself. While I’m fascinated by gender equality from an academic standpoint, I’m more interested in applying the principles to my own life through understanding how I, personally, can better promote myself in the workplace. As a millennial woman in the first few years of my career, I’m aware that this is arguably the most critical time to establishing one’s self as both a leader and an advocate, for yourself and others. So, how can I be my own best advocate?”
Women at the Table: Placing Policy into Practice, by Anisha Singh, Guidestar, December 4, 2015