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“Woman” and “Leader” — is there as connection?

“Women may face more barriers to leadership if there is a perceived conflict between their professional role and their gender. Organizations must detect any gender bias and promote a positive view of women leaders.

“Two generally agreed-upon facts characterize the state of gender equality in today’s workplace. The first is that despite increased attention paid to gender disparities, society’s archetypal business leader is still a man. The second is that, thanks to enormous, painstaking efforts by women and their advocates, this situation is changing, but very slowly.

“This is despite the tangible benefits of gender-diverse leadership. One might expect the curve of change to get steeper with each year, but that hasn’t happened. According to the International Labour Organisation, if the current rate of progress holds, we won’t see pay equality between men and women until 2086 at the earliest.”
Resolving the Conflict Between “Woman” and “Leader”, by Natalia Karelaia, Instead Knowledge, June 1, 2015