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July 6, 2015: UPC WIM Book Club “Cadillac Desert”

Next UPC WIM Brown Bag Book Club Book:
“Cadillac Desert”
by Marc Reisner
ISBN 978-0140178241

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Next Meeting: Monday, July 6, 2015, Noon to 1:00
Location DML 233, UPC
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ON SUCH A FULL SEA jacket.JPGFrom the unique narration or the novel to how Fan represents change – this is one of those novels that has a million and one themes and things to discuss. We compared some of the ideas in this novel to ideas in the film Mad Max: Fury Road and some of the other dystopian stories floating around today’s pop culture (like Hunger Games and Divergent). And for those who missed today’s conversation, you can always check out the LAPL’s Aloud discussion here, or the USC Bedrosian Center’s discussion here.

We even talked about gentrification – and for an interesting look at gentrification, here’s a discussion of the book A Neighborhood that Never Changes, about the role of gentrifiers in their new neighborhoods. Gentrification is an interesting topic within USC and its role in the neighborhood, as well as for current and graduating students as they think about where to live.

Our next book is Cadillac Desert by Marc Reisner – a book that in 1987 Publisher’s Weekly said “should be required reading for all citizens” and remains ever timely. In fact, Cadillac Desert is also the May book club selection of the LA Times. Interesting that an almost 30-year old book is still so relevant as our the drought we’re facing here in California may finally be the catalyst for some change in policy.

So, next time for the WIM book club, we’ll think about water in the West with Cadillac Desert.