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June 5, 2015: HSC WIM Brown Bag Book Club “A Curious Mind”

Next Meeting: Friday, June 5, 2015, Noon to 1:00
Norris Library West Conference Room, HSC
“A Curious Mind”
By Brian Grazer
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Our previous book:
Daughters of the Dragon
DaughtersOfTheDragon2 Though difficult to read at times because of the subject matter and some pretty gruesome descriptions, this book about the Korean “comfort women” of World War II was nevertheless entertaining and a good read. Almost everybody liked the book and finished it. Criticisms of the book were that the writing was not high quality and historical aspects were hard to follow. However, others enjoyed reading and learning about a time and place in history that we were not very knowledgeable about previously. It was an eye-opening look into the extreme violence, hardships and humiliation these women faced, not only at the time but throughout their lives. (review by Liz Stewart)