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April 20, 2015: WIM Book Club at HSC

WIM Brown Bag Book Club at HSC
Please join us on Monday, April 20, 2015, Noon to 1, in the Norris Medical Library West Conference Room, when we’ll be discussing our latest book: The Daughters of the Dragon, by William Andrews

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We will also be choosing our next book, so please feel free to bring a possible book idea and join us for that. Everyone is welcome.

Thinking Fast and Thinking Slow review: No one in the club liked the book well enough to finish it. It’s a very dry read, like Mojave in August level dry, choppy, and episodic. The same research was discussed over and over and over again with slight variations, and it was rather depressing news: gut instinct is overrated and usually wrong, most success is purely luck, and nothing is getting better because it’s all just regressing to the mean. I’m not sure the authors are correct about any of this; let’s not forget what M. Twain said about statistics. There’s a lot of statistics in this book. So in addition to being boring, it was depressing, so we didn’t bother to finish it. And there you have it. Ginger Mayerson