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WIM Book Club: next meeting, March 2, next book, “Thinking Fast and Thinking Slow” parts 1-3

TFATSNext meeting: Monday, March 2, 2015
Norris Library West Conference Room
Noon to 1
Next book: Thinking Fast and Thinking Slow
By Daniel Kahneman
ISBN: 978-0374533557
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Thinking Fast and Thinking Slow is a long book, so we’ll only be discussing parts 1-3 of at this meeting.
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At our last meeting on January 27 we discussed:

“Michael Connelly’s The Burning Room is the 19th in the series which follows Los Angeles Detective Harry Bosch. In this iteration, Harry is in a newly minted cold case squad and partnered with a rookie (perhaps trigger happy) partner named Lucia Soto. They are given a case after the death of Orlando Merced, a mariachi performer, who had been shot nearly a decade ago in Mariachi Plaza. His shooting sparked political change but was never solved. Now that they have the physical evidence from his body, they can try to trace the weapon.

THE_BURNING_ROOM_9780316410700_350dpi“While they are working on this case, Bosch discovers a personal case that Soto is looking into – another decades old case in which several children were killed in a fire. They work on both cases, following divergent trails that lead them into murky waters of the past.

“During our conversation there were mixed reviews. There were a few who found this very dark with very little redemption and that the resolution was uneventful and unsatisfying. Others found the book realistic, and were familiar with the way Connelly writes the Bosch character. Some found it not to have literary merit, though 19 in a series does seem to speak to staying power.

“The group all seemed to enjoy the Angelino nature of the book, with specific set locations in the city that made the novel seem more real somehow. Perhaps that’s why the lack of resolution is so difficult to read?”
Recap by Aubrey Hicks Thank you, Aubrey!