Honorary Members Nomination

Annually, WIM selects at least one exceptional woman to become honorary members. Recipients must be current members of the USC community, including but not limited to administration, staff, faculty, coaches, etc., and support the purposes for which Women in Management was established, those purposes being:

  • Contributing to the educational and cultural environment at the University of Southern California;
  • Strengthening the ties and contacts between women at USC;
  • Encouraging fellowship among the members of Women in Management as women of USC with common interests;
  • Promoting mutually beneficial contacts between women of the USC community, and/or supporting student activities aimed at enriching the USC experience of future generations of professional women.
After the call for nominations for Honorary Membership goes out to the WIM membership, the selection committee reviews the nominations, makes its recommendations to the WIM board, and the recipients are announced at the annual Honorary Members luncheon.