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40 Inspirations: Ginger Mayerson

“I originally trained as a composer, but I have always made collages for my own amusement. The composition skills I learned as a composer have been put to good use in making collages. In 2006 I began to make them more often and more seriously so I could post them online, which was in vogue just then. I am fascinated and delighted by making art in the arrangement of images, shapes and textures that spark a new view, new angle, new thinking on the arrangement of reality in the viewer (and in me, too).

After spending decades developing the focus and intensity to make art, it’s nearly impossible to shut it off from 9-5 M-F for a day job. I’ve been very lucky at USC to work for/with people who 1) quickly figured me out; 2) knew how to channel my unique skills and strengths without exploiting them; and 3) appreciated and supported me as a person, employee, and artist. I’ve worked a few jobs in a few places, and what I’ve found at USC is a rare thing in a hard world for artists.

So I’m happy to rechannel my focus, intensity, and even inspiration, when appropriate, into my work at USC. In fact, after 21 years here, I wouldn’t know how not to do that. I would, however, like to mention that at various points in my past, I’ve managed to live on my art, but it came at the price of artistic compromise and personal sacrifice (like not seeing a doctor or dentist for over 5 years). I think it’s better to have a day job, and make the art I want when I can. Charles Ives and T.S. Eliot managed it working day jobs; I see no reason why I can’t do that, too.”

To see more of her work, visit Ginger’s website

Ginger Mayerson College (website photo and link)



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USC Values Poll

The Culture Journey has started – Take the USC Values Poll

On October 14th, all USC community Faculty, Staff and Students will receive an invitation via email to take the USC Values Poll. We encourage everyone to participate.

What is it?

The Cultural Values Poll is a five-question survey (four questions plus one open-ended question) that will take about 15 minutes to complete. We’re all being asked to share our voices: our personal values, current USC values, and desired USC values. What we say will help determine who we become and will shape our future!

What happens after the Poll?

The Poll is only the first step. In December 2019, high-level results of the poll will be shared with our entire community and leaders. From January-March 2020, we’ll all be invited to participate in “culture sessions” – town halls and listening sessions – which will continue our conversations around shaping and defining our future culture.

For more information, visit the culture values poll webpage

Want to become a “partner for culture change?” Email the Working Group on Culture/Culture Team at Each month, everyone on the Partners list will receive an email update on the Culture Journey. Questions? Contact Sabrina Pasztor, USC Director of Culture Transformation, at